Campanile - Nocturnal Journeys

Campanile - Nocturnal Journeys
Artist: Campanile
Duration: 54:01
Album: Nocturnal Journeys
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Location: Sonic Jungle Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Release Date: 2000
Au Jardin du Roi des Lapins / Stephanie BennettCampanile4:04
Labyrinth of the Sea / Kevin McChesneyCampanile4:48
Another Sleepless NightCampanile4:59
Wet PavementCampanile1:57
Damp CorridorCampanile1:46
Ancho's AngelCampanile5:00
Ecstasy in WhiteCampanile4:06
Guardian Angels / Alby PottsCampanile5:16
In the Land of RemCampanile4:21
Dust RhinosCampanile1:54
Tribal Dances / Michael Rey LarsenCampanile4:57
Wings Through TwilightCampanile3:47
Latin NightsCampanile7:06

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