Nuclear Death Terror - Chaos Reigns

Nuclear Death Terror - Chaos Reigns
Artist: Nuclear Death Terror
Album: Chaos Reigns
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Heavy Metal
Release Date: August 13, 2012

Released by Southern Lord in 2012, Chaos Reigns compiles the crème de la crust of Denmark-based crustcore outfit Nuclear Death Terror, whose efforts dating back to 2005 have thus far largely failed to escape the extreme music underground, never mind cross the Atlantic to reach American shores (most likely due to their limited pressings, often exclusively on vinyl). Certainly, there's no blaming this on any musical shortfalls because the accomplished European quintet -- four parts Danish, one part Irish -- definitely have their "t"s crossed and "i"s dotted where the necessary and compelling crust ingredients are concerned. Foreboding "here comes the pain" intros prior to unleashing hell? Voila: "Crisis," "Abyss," and "The Darkest Age" -- check! Blazing-fast d-beat assaults? Behold "Collapse," "Total Annihilation," and "Devolve to Submission" -- check! Whiplash-inducing, decelerating breakdowns? See "Descent," "Mindchain," and "World Enslaved" -- check! Cred-building Celtic Frost cover? "Morbid Tales" -- check! All in all, Chaos Reigns collects 11 tracks representing three separate N.D.T. EPs -- 2007's Ceaseless Desolation, 2009's Total Annihilation and 2012's Blood Fire Chaos Death -- that prove consistent in sound and quality from start to finish.

Just don't expect revolutionary ideas or unforeseen departures from d-beat/crustcore stereotypes, because Nuclear Death Terror, as exciting and effective as they are, don't go there. Rather, file this one away as a handy introduction to yet another worthy band working in this increasingly crowded space.

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