Wongawilla - Australian Tradition

Wongawilla - Australian Tradition
Artist: Wongawilla
Duration: 01:17:29
Album: Australian Tradition
Genre: International
Styles: Australian, Oceanic Traditions
Release Date: May 26, 1998
Rum and Rasberry / TraditionalWongawilla3:30
The Year of '79 / TraditionalWongawilla2:47
The Southern Cross Is Calling MeWongawilla3:37
Town of Kiandra / TraditionalWongawilla3:07
Queensland Shed's Begun / TraditionalWongawilla2:44
The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda Away / Alistair HulettWongawilla4:05
Bottle RunWongawilla3:42
The Windmill RunWongawilla3:50
Bail UpWongawilla2:52
And When They DanceWongawilla4:29
When You'rre FlushWongawilla3:27
The Year of the DrumWongawilla3:38
Call of the NorthWongawilla2:58
Song of the Bullock Driver / Mike Jackson / Henry LawsonWongawilla3:36
Waltzes: Under the Willow/Ernie Goodman's / TraditionalWongawilla3:32
Pit Street Cocky / Tim O'BrienWongawilla2:50
The Digger's Song / TraditionalWongawilla2:23
Binda Ball 1864Wongawilla3:29
Jacksons / TraditionalWongawilla2:37
Set Tunes: Railway Hotel/Moonan Flat / TraditionalWongawilla2:55
Dasher's Home Brew / Reg MurrayWongawilla2:47
Larkin's Bar / TraditionalWongawilla4:10
A Night at Daisy ParkWongawilla4:24

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