Michael Coleman - Shake Your Booty

Michael Coleman - Shake Your Booty
Artist: Michael Coleman
Duration: 47:50
Album: Shake Your Booty
Recording Date: March, 1994
Genre: Blues
Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Modern Electric Chicago Blues, Regional Blues
Recording Location: ACME Recording, Chicago, IL
Release Date: 1995
Mojo / McKinley MorganfieldMichael Coleman3:01
Lost My Job in the City / Michael ColemanMichael Coleman4:34
Shake Your Booty / Michael ColemanMichael Coleman4:32
Kansas City / Wilbert HarrisonMichael Coleman2:54
Homeless Man / Michael ColemanMichael Coleman5:10
Love SomebodyMichael Coleman3:39
Hey JoeMichael Coleman3:47
Midnight RiderMichael Coleman3:39
Hurt Avenue / Michael ColemanMichael Coleman4:34
Tee Ni Nee Na Nu / Slim HarpoMichael Coleman4:34
I Play the Blues for You / Jerry Beach / Albert KingMichael Coleman3:59
Tore Down / Otis RushMichael Coleman3:27

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