Davy Spillane - Sea of Dreams

Davy Spillane - Sea of Dreams
Artist: Davy Spillane
Duration: 01:03:50
Album: Sea of Dreams
Genre: International
Styles: Celtic Folk, Celtic
Recording Location: Burrenstone Recording Studio; Cliffs Of Moher, Liscanor, County Clare, Irland; Notes-On Studios, New York, NY; Whit
Release Date: September 8, 1998

Davy Spillane is one of Ireland's finest uilleann pipers and his 1998 release THE SEA OF DREAMS casts this instrument in a new light. In truth, most people either love the pipes or find them shrill and blaring. However, this album brings out the lyrical beauty and dynamic range of this cousin to the bagpipe."River of Gems" opens THE SEA OF DREAMS with a haunting, legato melody that recalls the ancient mysticism of the Celts; it also brings to mind the splendor of Dublin's River Liffey. "Midnight Walker" continues the journey as Spillane soars high above a rich string orchestra. Then there is the sentimental pop hit "My Heart Will Go On," from the movie TITANIC. On this selection, Spillane pitch-bends expertly into the beginnings of each phrase. Accompanied by a subtle electronic backbeat and a low-pitched tin whistle, Spillane's version of this single is arguably more poignant that Celine Dion's. Nonetheless, the highlights of this album are Spillane's duets with Sinead O'Connor.

On "Danny Boy" the duo is particularly moving, given O'Connor's longing vocal performance and Spillane's sensitive accompaniment.

River of Gems / Davy SpillaneDavy Spillane4:03
Big Sea Ballad / Greg Boland / Davy SpillaneDavy Spillane6:58
The Dreaming of the Bones / Greg Boland / Sinéad O'Connor / Davy SpillaneDavy Spillane feat: Sinéad O'Connor6:15
Daire's Dream / Davy SpillaneDavy Spillane5:10
Inagh / Greg Boland / Davy SpillaneDavy Spillane5:31
Midnight Walker / Davy SpillaneDavy Spillane4:38
Danny Boy "The Derry Air" / Greg Boland / Davy SpillaneDavy Spillane feat: Sinéad O'Connor6:15
The Dreaming of the Bones / Greg Boland / Davy SpillaneDavy Spillane6:16
Equinox / Anthony Drennan / Davy SpillaneDavy Spillane5:11
Sea of Dreams / Davy SpillaneDavy Spillane4:29
The May Morning Dew / Davy Spillane / TraditionalDavy Spillane4:37
My Heart Will Go On / James Horner / Will JenningsDavy Spillane4:27

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