David Benoit - Shaken, Not Stirred

David Benoit - Shaken, Not Stirred
Artist: David Benoit
Duration: 46:08
Album: Shaken, Not Stirred
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Contemporary Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz
Release Date: 1994

Unlike most genre superstars, David Benoit never seems content to stick strictly with any pop formula for very long.

While his hummable ivory spirit always shines through, his many attempts to shake and stir the typical expectations make him perhaps the most artistic pop jazz artist around. Shaken Not Stirred is thus an appropriate moniker for this wildly eclectic collection, which makes overwhelmingly effective use of orchestral grandeur (the enrapturing "Carmel"), and comes across more as a smashing musician's playground than a lightweight, radio friendly stab. he treads just enough familiar territory to keep old fans pleased but enjoys experimenting with percussive explosions, wild jamming, and traditional smoky club blues. The genuine simple warmth of the acoustic tribute "Jacqueline" (Jackie Kennedy Onassis died the year this was released) reminds us, however, that behind the crazy, genre-busting navigations is a gentle man full of grace. Hopefully the mixed bag of vocals -- a solid effort by David Pack undercut by a meandering schmaltzer by Kenny Rankin -- won't detract from the wide-ranging and powerful instrumental tracks. The only voice Benoit needs is in his fingers.

Wailea / David BenoitDavid Benoit4:29
I Went to Bat for You / David BenoitDavid Benoit4:29
Any Other Time / David Benoit / David PackDavid Benoit5:05
Carmel / David BenoitDavid Benoit3:10
Sparks Flew / David BenoitDavid Benoit4:23
Shaken, Not StirredDavid Benoit5:39
Chi Chi's Eyes / David BenoitDavid Benoit4:45
Days of Old / David Benoit / Lorraine FeatherDavid Benoit4:27
Jacqueline / David BenoitDavid Benoit3:31
Sarah's ThemeDavid Benoit6:10

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