Isham Jones - 1922-1926

Isham Jones - 1922-1926
Artist: Isham Jones
Duration: 01:10:37
Album: 1922-1926
Recording Date: March, 1922 - May 6, 1926
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: November 21, 2000

Isham Jones led a major jazz-influenced dance band during the 1920s. Seventeen of his better performances that featured cornetist Louis Panico during 1922-1924 highlight this CD, including "Those Longing for You Blues," "Aunt Hagar's Children Blues," "Somebody's Wrong," and "Never Again." One can appreciate why Panico was held in such high regard during this early period. The CD also has six numbers from 1925-1926 (including "Riverboat Shuffle" and "Charleston") before Jones' music became much more commercial. A worthy acquisition.

Those Longing for You BluesIsham Jones3:10
Virginia Blues / Ernie Erdman / Fred MeinkenIsham Jones3:16
My Honey's Lovin' Arms / Joseph Meyer / Herman RubyIsham Jones3:00
Aunt Hagar's Children Blues / Tim Brymm / W.C. HandyIsham Jones3:20
Farewell Blues / Paul Mares / Leon Roppolo / Elmer SchoebelIsham Jones3:13
Frankie and Johnnie / TraditionalIsham Jones3:14
Henpecked BluesIsham Jones3:13
Somebody's WrongIsham Jones3:17
Wop BluesIsham Jones3:11
Forgetful BluesIsham Jones3:14
Cotton Picker's Ball / Irving Mills / Elmer SchoebelIsham Jones2:58
Mamma Loves Papa / Abel Baer / Cliff FriendIsham Jones2:56
Unfortunate BluesIsham Jones3:01
Hula Lou / Wayne King / Jack YellenIsham Jones3:04
Never Again / Isham Jones / Gus KahnIsham Jones3:15
Weepin' the BluesIsham Jones3:07
Get Lucky / Roy BargyIsham Jones3:01
Riverboat Shuffle / Hoagy Carmichael / Irving Mills / Dick VoynowIsham Jones3:00
Sweet Georgia Brown / Ben Bernie / Kenneth Casey / Maceo PinkardIsham Jones2:47
Sweet Man / Maceo Pinkard / Roy TurkIsham Jones2:42
The Original Charleston StrutIsham Jones2:44
It's the Blues / Jean GoldketteIsham Jones3:01
Three-Thirty BluesIsham Jones2:53

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