Inti-Illimani - Antologia, Vol. 1: 1973-1978

Inti-Illimani - Antologia, Vol. 1: 1973-1978
Artist: Inti-Illimani
Duration: 01:01:49
Album: Antologia, Vol. 1: 1973-1978
Genre: Latin
Styles: Andean Folk, Latin Folk, South American Traditions, Nueva Cancion
Release Date: January 18, 2005

Firmly rooted in the cultural traditions of their Chilean homeland, the ensemble known as Inti-Illimani also came up in solidarity with politically outspoken musicians like Victor Jara and Quilapayún, artists whose anti-fascist songs and messages were made available to North American listeners on Monitor and Americanto LPs. Forced into exile by the 1973 U.S.-supported military coup during which Jara was mutilated and then murdered as democratically elected president Salvador Allende was literally machine-gunned out of office, Inti-Illimani relocated to Italy (following in the footsteps of their hero, the poet and statesman Pablo Neruda, who unfortunately died in Chile soon after Allende) and recommenced the recording of music that synthesizes ancient tradition, nueva cancion, and unflinching social commentary. Released in 2005, the first volume in Inti-Illimani's Antologia series samples their works dating from the first five years of exile (1973-1978), including material from their albums Vive Chile! (1973) and Resistencia (1977). This is beautiful and movingly sincere music, close to the authentic heart of historic Andean folk, and deeply informed by the social environment in which it originally gestated and came of age.

Alturas / Horacio SalinasInti-Illimani2:59
La Fiesta de San BenitoInti-Illimani3:38
Rin del Angelito / Violeta ParraInti-Illimani3:20
Tatatí / Horacio SalinasInti-Illimani3:29
Simón BolivarInti-Illimani2:47
Exilada del Sur / Patricio Manns / Violeta ParraInti-Illimani3:34
Lo Que Más Quiero / Isabel Parra / Violeta ParraInti-Illimani3:05
Run Run Se Fue P'al Norte / Violeta ParraInti-Illimani4:37
Corazón Maldito / Violeta ParraInti-Illimani2:58
El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido / Sergio "El Checo" OrtegaInti-Illimani3:04
Papel de PlataInti-Illimani2:45
Arriba Quemando el Sol / Violeta ParraInti-Illimani4:43
Señora ChicheraInti-Illimani3:45
Ojos AzulesInti-Illimani2:53
América Novia Mía / Patricio MannsInti-Illimani3:28
Juanito LagunaInti-Illimani4:56
La Denuncia / Luis Advis / Violeta ParraInti-Illimani feat: Isabel Parra2:37

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