Baby Bash / Lucky Luciano - Playamade Mexicanz

Baby Bash / Lucky Luciano - Playamade Mexicanz
Artist: Baby Bash \ Lucky Luciano
Duration: 01:13:22
Album: Playamade Mexicanz
Genre: Rap
Styles: Hardcore Rap
Release Date: September 18, 2012

Even if he was locked up while this album saw release, Playamade Mexicanz features a "South Park Mexican Presents" tag on the front, signifying the Dope House Music leader's endorsement of this release, even when the final product lands on Baby Bash's Bashtown label. Confused? So are most, and this high-power team-up between the smooth rapper Bash and prime gangster Lucky Luciano remains insider throughout with plenty of "Free SPM" calls and Houston folks like JB the Don, Weeto, and Dirty Mexican Zoe keeping things local. All that said, Playamade Mexicanz refreshingly puts the sometimes hitmaker Bash in a more street setting than usual, while Luciano fans get to experience his work in a posse setting instead of the usual solo. Try one of Bash's or SPM's official releases if you want an easy entry point into the world of Dope House or Latino Houston hip-hop, but to get the real flavor -- warts and all -- these sideline collaborative posse mixtapes provide plenty of punch.

Playa Made Mexicanz (Intro)Baby Bash / Lucky Luciano0:13
PlayamadeBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano3:44
Dope House FamBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano5:29
When I Pull UpBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano4:29
FiddyBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano3:57
CA LifeBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano4:49
Mexican Gonna Get ItBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano3:57
Azucar MorenaBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano3:03
Cold MuchachosBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano3:39
Left Side of da MapBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano4:09
Wish You WouldBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano4:03
She Needs MeBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano3:23
Roll UpBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano3:42
Bubble and BallBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano4:07
Know What I MeanBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano4:12
I Can Do ThisBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano4:12
That WeightBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano4:23
C.O.D.Baby Bash / Lucky Luciano4:11
Chevy MusicBaby Bash / Lucky Luciano3:40

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