Ian Cho - The Waking Woods

Ian Cho - The Waking Woods
Artist: Ian Cho
Duration: 49:37
Album: The Waking Woods
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: April 20, 2006
Dark Cloud (Intro)Ian Cho0:40
The Flying FishIan Cho3:56
Magic SummerIan Cho3:24
The Coral HornIan Cho3:21
Piano Lost in the RiverIan Cho5:35
Time Stands Still for YouIan Cho2:35
I Wonder... (Interlude)Ian Cho1:12
The Waking WoodsIan Cho4:36
Get Free!Ian Cho4:32
DragonIan Cho3:52
Angels (Interlude)Ian Cho2:08
SunshineIan Cho3:34
HeartsIan Cho3:15
BlakeIan Cho6:57

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