Cat Power - Moon Pix

Cat Power - Moon Pix
Artist: Cat Power
Duration: 46:19
Album: Moon Pix
Recording Date: January, 1998
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Sadcore
Recording Location: Scuzz Studios; Sing sing Studios, Melbourne, Australia; VPRO, Radio 5 "De Avonden"
Release Date: September 22, 1998

Cat Power's 1998 album Moon Pix continues Chan Marshall's transformation from an indie rock Cassandra into a reflective, accomplished singer/songwriter. Where her previous works were an urgent, aching mix of punk, folk, and blues, Moon Pix is truly soul(ful) music: warm, reflective, complex, and cohesive. For this album, Marshall moved the recording sessions for the album to Australia, and switched her rhythm section to the Dirty Three's Mick Turner and Jim White; the lineup changes add new depth and light to her compelling, intricate guitar work and gently insistent vocals. From the backwards drum loop on "American Flag" (borrowed from the Beastie Boys' "Paul Revere") to the fluttering, smoky flutes on "He Turns Down" to the double-tracked vocals and crashing thunderstorms of "Say," Moon Pix's expressive arrangements mirror the songs' fine emotional shadings. Marshall is sunny on the quietly hopeful "You May Know Him," hypnotic and seductive on "Cross Bones Style," and poignant on "Colors & the Kids," where she sings, "It's so hard to go into the city/Because you want to say hi, hello, I love you to everybody." As natural and refined as a pearl, Moon Pix is a collection of fragile yet strong songs that reveal Marshall's unique, personal songwriting talents in their full glory.

American Flag / Cat PowerCat Power3:30
He Turns Down / Cat PowerCat Power5:39
No Sense / Cat PowerCat Power4:50
Say / Cat PowerCat Power3:24
Metal Heart / Cat PowerCat Power4:02
Back of Your Head / Cat PowerCat Power3:43
Moonshiner / TraditionalCat Power4:50
You May Know Him / Cat PowerCat Power2:46
Colors and the Kids / Cat PowerCat Power6:35
Cross Bones Style / Chan Marshall / Cat PowerCat Power4:32
Peking Saint / Cat PowerCat Power2:28

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