The Kinsey Sicks - Sicks in the City

The Kinsey Sicks - Sicks in the City
Artist: The Kinsey Sicks
Duration: 54:16
Album: Sicks in the City
Recording Date: June 29, 2001
Genre: Vocal
Recording Location: Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA; San Francisco's Herbst Theatre
Release Date: August 20, 2002
You're Scaring UsThe Kinsey Sicks3:09
Locked Out of the Chapel of LoveThe Kinsey Sicks2:06
Amour, AmourThe Kinsey Sicks2:50
Cruise People Uglier Than YouThe Kinsey Sicks3:36
Don't Let There Be a Morning AfterThe Kinsey Sicks2:03
Ad NauseumThe Kinsey Sicks2:20
Bugle Boy on Avenue BThe Kinsey Sicks2:48
What You Never Told METhe Kinsey Sicks2:27
MciThe Kinsey Sicks3:35
DubyaThe Kinsey Sicks2:04
FetishThe Kinsey Sicks2:42
Leaning Close / Mark WeigleThe Kinsey Sicks3:56
It's Crystal Time in the CityThe Kinsey Sicks1:45
Snatchmaker SnatchmakerThe Kinsey Sicks3:03
Nice Jewish GirlsThe Kinsey Sicks4:15
Proud Marys - Special "Bone Us! " TrackThe Kinsey Sicks2:57
Everybody Loves a Drag QueenThe Kinsey Sicks3:26
Sexy UnderwearThe Kinsey Sicks5:14

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