Clay Crosse - My Place Is With You

Clay Crosse - My Place Is With You
Artist: Clay Crosse
Duration: 44:44
Album: My Place Is With You
Recording Date: June 7, 1998 - September 19, 1998
Genre: Religious
Styles: CCM, Contemporary Christian, Gospel
Recording Location: Cornerstone Recorders, Chatsworth, CA; Preferred Studio, Woodland Hills, CA; Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, TN
Release Date: September, 1993

Clay Crosse's 1993 debut release, My Place Is With You, belongs to the Michael Bolton school of adult contemporary pop, with his earnest -- occasionally overly so -- vocals. Given that, it's fairly good. Crosse's vocals are the star on this album, and he lives up to that admirably. Noteworthy tracks include "Give Him Roots," a song about teaching Christian fundamentals (it's better than it sounds), and "One Heart," a duet with Kathy Troccoli that pleads for Christian unity. Crosse's smooth voice compliments Troccoli's husky vocal style perfectly. "Love in the Right Hands" urges listeners to move past the human, imperfect loves in their lives and let in the love of God. Crosse is still developing as an artist here, and it feels like a fairly impersonal album, but his vocals, if not his bland overall style, show great promise.

My Place Is With You / Michael Puryear / Geoff ThurmanClay Crosse4:00
Give Him Roots / Jeff Silbar / Billy ValentineClay Crosse4:21
Your Love Is Working in My Life / Russell Smith / Wayne TesterClay Crosse4:52
I Call Your Name / Peter Bunetta / Rick Chudacoff / Scott CrossClay Crosse3:38
I Surrender All / Regie Hamm / David MoffittClay Crosse4:44
Where Angels Dare / David Glasper / Ian "Spike" SpiceClay Crosse4:52
One Heart / Jamie Houston / J.D. Martin / Wendy WaldmanClay Crosse feat: Kathy Troccoli3:57
Love in the Right Hands / Billy Burnette / Simon Climie / Dennis MorganClay Crosse4:35
If That's What It Takes / Ty Lacy / John MandevilleClay Crosse4:19
Midnight Cry / Chuck Day / Greg DayClay Crosse5:26

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