Wise Guys - Zwei Welten

Wise Guys - Zwei Welten
Artist: Wise Guys
Duration: 57:26
Album: Zwei Welten
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Acappella, Pop
Release Date: May 25, 2012

Zwei Welten, the 12th studio album by German a cappella group Wise Guys, is divided into two parts that are being sold separately: the first CD, released in May 2012, contains 16 new tracks sung in an a cappella style, while the second half of the album, slated for a fall 2012 release, will contain the same tracks complete with instrumental backing. According to the group, the concept for this double album illustrates how the band writes each song with two versions in mind -- one without instruments and one with full-fledged production. The songs on Zwei Welten feature the group's trademark good-natured humor: Wise Guys poke fun at the German train service on "Deutsche Bahn," offer a gangsta rap parody on "Ich Bin Aus Hürth," and comment on the horrors of turning 40 on "Scheiße Scheiße Scheiße." Zwei Welten, which was produced by Uwe Baltrusch, entered the German charts at number three.

Die Sonne Scheint Mir Auf Den Bauch / Daniel DickopfWise Guys3:29
Zwei Welten / Daniel Dickopf / Edzard Hüneke / Erik SohnWise Guys4:24
Ich Bin Aus Hürth / Daniel DickopfWise Guys3:11
Ich Weiß Nicht, Was Ich Will / Daniel DickopfWise Guys2:43
Lauter / Daniel DickopfWise Guys2:49
Tanzen Im Regen / Daniel Dickopf / Edzard Hüneke / Erik SohnWise Guys4:36
Deutsche Bahn / Daniel DickopfWise Guys3:09
Nach Hause / Daniel DickopfWise Guys3:56
Schönen Guten Morgen / Daniel DickopfWise Guys2:17
Mein Nachbar Ist Ein Zombie / Daniel DickopfWise Guys3:57
Das War Nicht Geplant / Daniel DickopfWise Guys4:29
Tief Im Süden / Daniel DickopfWise Guys4:44
Irgendwer Wird Immer Meckern / Daniel DickopfWise Guys3:01
Mein Morgen Am Meer / Daniel DickopfWise Guys3:46
Scheiße Scheiße Scheiße / Daniel DickopfWise Guys2:27
Jetzt Ist Deine Zeit / Daniel Dickopf / Edzard HünekeWise Guys4:28

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