Banda Black Rio - Best of Banda Black Rio

Banda Black Rio - Best of Banda Black Rio
Artist: Banda Black Rio
Duration: 37:34
Album: Best of Banda Black Rio
Genre: Latin
Styles: Brazilian Jazz, World Fusion, Brazilian Pop, Brazilian Traditions, Samba, Worldbeat
Release Date: December 14, 1999

This is a compilation of songs from the band's three albums Maria Fumaça (from 1977), Gafieria Universal (1979), and Saci Pererê (1980).

The selection is quite good, and gives some excellent examples of the group's typical fusion of soul, funk, and samba. As always, the saxophone play of band leader Oberdan, and indeed the instrumental arrangements as a whole, are exquisite. Most of the tracks on this collection are instrumental (as indeed were most of the songs that Banda Black Rio recorded), but there are also a few vocal tracks included, as for example the fine "Vidigal." Among the highlights of the group's own compositions are the cool and funky"Mr. Funk Samba" and "Casa Forte," with its keyboard and brass driven melody. Banda Black Rio are also famous for their instrumental interpretations of other artists' compositions. Included here is a version of Milton Nascimento's and Lô Borges' famous song "Cravo e Canela."

Gafiera UniversalBanda Black Rio3:11
Vidigal / Valdecir NeiBanda Black Rio3:40
Expresso Madureira / Claudio StevensonBanda Black Rio3:59
Leblon Via Vaz LoboBanda Black Rio2:33
Cravo E Canela / Ronaldo Bastos / Milton NascimentoBanda Black Rio2:23
Maria Fumaca / Luis CarlosBanda Black Rio2:25
Miss SherylBanda Black Rio3:48
Mr. Funky SambaBanda Black Rio3:40
Samboreando / Luiz Carlos BateraBanda Black Rio3:13
Rio de Fevereiro / Helio MatheusBanda Black Rio3:28
Casa ForteBanda Black Rio2:25
Chega MaisBanda Black Rio2:49

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