Ringworm - Stigmatas in the Flesh

Ringworm - Stigmatas in the Flesh
Artist: Ringworm
Album: Stigmatas in the Flesh
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Heavy Metal
Release Date: August 21, 2012
Birth is Pain / RingwormRingworm3:15
The Promise / RingwormRingworm2:12
Thrive / RingwormRingworm3:08
Ninth Circle / RingwormRingworm4:02
Justice Replaced By Revenge / RingwormRingworm3:14
The Key / RingwormRingworm2:59
Dollar Whore / RingwormRingworm1:41
Madness of War / RingwormRingworm3:04
Voluntary Human Extinction / RingwormRingworm3:32
No One Dies Alone / RingwormRingworm3:13
The Cage / RingwormRingworm2:07
Again and Again / RingwormRingworm2:34
Numb / RingwormRingworm2:29
Blind to Faith / RingwormRingworm2:11
Urine / RingwormRingworm1:46

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