Bette Midler - Bathhouse Betty

Bette Midler - Bathhouse Betty
Artist: Bette Midler
Duration: 44:58
Album: Bathhouse Betty
Genre: Vocal
Styles: Adult Contemporary
Recording Location: Complex Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Right Track Recording, NY; Unique Recording, NY; W; Westwind Media, Burbank, CA
Release Date: September 15, 1998

This 12-song album tries to be all things to all Bette Midler fans: there's high camp for her loyal, and early, drag cult (the sassy "I'm Beautiful," the nostalgic "Ukulele Lady"); there are straight-up covers of big-league songwriters, both veteran and modern (Leonard Cohen and Ben Folds among them), for the critical clique; and there are big, bad ballads for the people who made her a moderately successful Top 40 and box office draw ("My One True Friend," which does for One True Thing what "Wind Beneath My Wings" did for Beaches). Through all of this, Midler has somehow become a legend, and throughout Bathhouse Betty, she sings as if she truly is one. Only problem is that for all of its roots-returning and sappy serenading, it doesn't have much of a personality. It's almost like looking at a photo album filled with vaguely familiar faces, none of which you really know that well.

Song of Bernadette / Leonard Cohen / Bill Elliott / Jennifer WarnesBette Midler3:46
I'm Beautiful / Brinsley EvansBette Midler3:55
Lullaby in Blue / Adam Cohen / Brock WalshBette Midler5:09
Ukulele Lady / Gus Kahn / Richard A. WhitingBette Midler3:34
I'm Hip / Bob Dorough / Dave FrishbergBette Midler2:44
I Sold My Heart to the Junkman / Otis Rene / Leon RenéBette Midler3:10
One Monkey Don't Stop No Show / Rose Marie McCoy / Charlie SingletonBette Midler2:46
Boxing / Ben FoldsBette Midler4:26
Big Socks / Chuckii BookerBette Midler3:51
That's How Love Moves / Jennifer Kimball / Ty Lacy / Fitzgerald ScottBette Midler3:54
My One True Friend / David Foster / Carole King / Carole Bayer SagerBette Midler3:49
Laughing Matters / Dick Gallagher / Mark WaldropBette Midler3:54

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